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Travelling can be fun but also exhausted, especially on your skin. You cant imagine for stressed and dry your skin are after a flight (even just a short one) I have always telling myself to be hydrated all the time during the trip, the most effective way is to drink lots of water, so what about externally? we actually can do lots of hydration protocol to provide more moisture to our face.

So recently I went on a short trip to the Los Angels during the MLK holiday. My flight was 7ish and supposed to be landed in 1.5hr (actually always within an hour), but end up I landed LA at 12:30. All the stressed and flight things have drained out all my water from my brain to my heart and my face. That's why I need my "hydration travel bag" with me.

These are some of my recent favorites hydration products throughout my daily routine.

@summerfridays Jet Lag Mask ✈️
The time changer mask I have been using most of the time especially when I have to travel. it is very hydrating and effective to de-stress skin. I love how simple to use it when I am too tired to do a mask. Just apply it over my pm routine and head to the pillow time. The next morning when I wake up, my skin is soft and not dry
@lilahbeauty B. Kissed Lip balm 👄
The signature pebble is enriched with aloe, agar and lots of botanical ingredients which helps to nourish my lips. Loving the creamy texture. I love how it hydrates my lip and leaving a glowy finish. It is clean beauty, free from those toxic bad formula. So it is safer to put on your lip
@tula Rose Glow Eye Balm 🌹
Every morning I will apply the Rose Glow eye balm as under-eye care for brightening and de-puff. This keeps my skin hydrated and smoothen out my skin texture. After makeup, I re-apply a thin layer of the eye balm to brow bone and eye corner to add a subtle luminous
@goodmolecules Hyaluronic Acid Serum 💧
Known for its water-light texture which provides our skin with moisture. I normally use this right after toner in my AM and PM routine. Sometimes I also add a drop into my foundation to enhance the hydration with makeup. For best results, use it on damp skin and let it sinks into your skin and then continue the skincare routine
@colourpopcosmetics Hyaluronic Hydrating Primer 💦
Never enough with hyaluronic. Loving this lightweight primer which provides me a smoother and hydrated canvas for my makeup of the day. It is packed with hyaluronic acid and coconut water to support skin hydration. It is slightly tinted, so I can wear this on my "barely makeup" day to have a fresh look

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Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask ✈️
Lilah Beauty B. Kissed Lip balm 👄
Tula Rose Glow Eye Balm 🌹
Good Molecules Hyaluronic Acid Serum 💧
Colour Pop Cosmetics Hyaluronic Hydrating Primer 💦