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NOONI  Kiss-able Appleberry Lip Oil
A daytime non-sticky lip tint oil gives a shine silky finish with a slightly red. It contains sooting apple water oil to instant nourish and moisturizes your lip. It is mint-infused which can also help removing dead skins and soften your lips. Loving the Apple sense and its size which is small to be packed in my little purse.

Nooni 療癒系蘋果極潤修護唇油,含薄荷葉精油、微分子蘋果水、維他命精油等成分,可深層滋潤唇部在表面並形成保濕膜,阻止唇部水分蒸發。此外更含有蘋果精華水及沙棘油,能軟化唇部角質和深層滋潤唇部,使唇部更加柔嫩光滑。唇油質地水潤柔軟,透出微微蘋果甜香,使用起來非常舒服。體積小小的很方便攜帶。 ⠀

About Nooni
Nooni, the simple skincare line that’s all about prepping and perfecting your skin to create a clean, dewy look. Nooni uses natural ingredients from around the world to develop results-driven products with unique textures for all skin concerns and types.

Nooni Kiss-able Appleberry Lip Oil