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No more traditional braces and my new smile is ready in a couple of months with @imageortho_sf


Why do I choose invisible aligner treatment?

  • More comfortable and better fitting aligner
  • Easily removable
  • Easy to clean
  • Eat what you want
  • Virtually invisible
  • Best in price
  • 100% smile guarantee

Why do I choose Image Orthodontics SF or my invisible aligner treatment?

I got to meet Dr. Kalika in-person consultation and did my fast and precise SureSmile® 3D imaging to create virtual simulations of how my teeth will shift after my customized treatment plan. Dr. Kalika, has explained so well with my treatment and how he is adjusting my teeth by showing me his process of stimulation and customizing. He also going to polish my tiny little chipper front teeth at the end of the treatment. He gives me so much information about how everything will work out.

This is the most important! From my previous experience, those "at-home-kit impression", or without really consulting a real doctor for the whole journey doesn't work.

A little story about my previous experience with another brand of invisible aligner
(you can skip it if you don't want to read a story)

I first tried that at-home-kit to created my impression, which ends up doesn't really work well cause you never did it before and you won't know how bad you have done it. After i mailed back my impression, they told me I have to re-did it. After 2 times of impressions, I have been waiting for months to see my stimulated new teeth, which I did not think they have quite understood what is my teeth problem which I have to go back and forth in emails many times. Finally, they gave me a 3D plan which just looks fine and I start my journey after a couple of months of waiting to get my aligner shipped home. After the 6-months plans of aligners, some teeth did adjust, but on the other hand, it created gaps to my some other teeth,. Anyway, I am not happy with it, so I request an adjustment plan... Another 3 months of aligners treatment is done, nothing has fixed and I am too tired of the back and forth, and I never talk to any doctor and not so sure how they calculate my NEEDS...

End story:  my front teeth did not fix, 2 other teeth are still indented, gaps show, bites problem increased... just a reminder, this whole process taking up 1.5 years, and spent 2K+ with problem increased...



After all, the nightmare and sadness happened in the past years...

Finally, I went to the Image Orthodontics premier Pacific Heights location to pick up my invisible aligner. This office just re-opened and has cutting-edge hi-tech amenities including AI imaging, a state-of-the-art air filtration system, and also I got to meet lots of super friendly staff. (This is the most pretty and happy doctor appointment that I ever have). There are also 2 other locations in San Francisco and more along the bay area.

Can't wait to give you more update for my smiling journey.


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