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Treat Your Body Like Your Face.

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You need some clean effective sustainable skincare products that work like how you treat your face because body care is self-care and it is necessary.

The Body Exfoliator

It includes AHA/BHA trio (glycolic, Lactic, and Salicylic acids) that helps to remove dead skin. It is also packed with Bamboo Charcoal and Pumice that helps to soften your skin. It also comes with a fragrance-free version that suitable for sensitive skin.

The Body Wash

It is infused with multi-vitamin and luxe oils (Marula, Cacay, and Meadowfoam) that help to nourish your skin while cleaning. It gives me a refreshing feeling without stripping. It also comes in fragrance-free for sensitive skin.

The Body Lotion

It only comes in fragrance-free (good for sensitive skin). It is infused with multi-vitamin which absorb fast and not giving you a greasy finish.  I love it also contains Niacinamide that helps to restore and strengthen the skin barrier. Using it for weeks helps to increase skin tone, texture, and firmness visibly.

The formula contains ingredients rich in:
Vitamin B³
Vitamin C
Vitamin E

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The Body Essentials
The Body Treatment
The Body Routine