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If I can only pick one kind of clothing to buy, I will always choose a coat. In the bay area, I have learned that the wind can come unexpectedly, so I cannot live without a coat at all. However, getting a fit size trend coat or any long coat for my size may not be that easy. I have learned to style it to make my daily closet more fun.

Here are some common styles I love to style with long coat:
  1. Jeans & boots: the most common way I think everyone should have tried. Wearing jeans can actually reduce the formal attire feelling of a structural coat. It actually adds in some kind of minimalist feeling. Throw in a pair of flat black leather boots and keep it simple with a small crossbody bag. If you want to accessorize a bit, get yourself a draped earrings. Make it simple and clean.
  2. Belt: wearing a long wool coat will definitely make your waistline disappear. If you are aware of defining your shape and height, get yourself a belt. I normally like a thin belt, this can avoid the bulkiness. I love to carry a mini bag with this look and you can easily pose with your bag and not losing your style.
  3. Skirt: Showing skin is one of my tricks if I want to make it a bit elegant for some occasion. I definitely love to wear a mini skirt with over-the-knee boots under my trench coat. If you are not wearing during the super cold weather, shorter boots are also a great choice. This look can go along with jewelry and accessories. Make you look stylish with hair tied up and clips can elevate the whole look for the night. it is classic and still trendy.
  4. Drape: If you would like to make a bonus, you can actually drape your coat over your shoulder. It will turn it into a cape look. It is absolutely fashionable. It also pops out your outfit underneath and creates an aesthetic bold look. Sometimes you just want to take it off, but you don't want to carry it, it is a way to keep your style but not holding it.

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