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Who doesn't like shopping? But how do you shop for the trend?

Most of us love to shop for clothes and want to shop for the trend. However, I believe it is pretty challenging to know what you actually want within a budget. So there are many fast-fashion retails on the market. Such as H&M, Zara, Forever 21, Shein, Lulus, etc. They are always on the trend and providing thousands and thousands of fashionable pieces. These are great places that you can shop for trendy items at an affordable price.

Since they are always kicking out the trends, their pieces come and go super fast. It is always a happy place that you can find something you want from them. But they have TOO MANY good stuff, so how should you start?

Here are some ways I used when I shop at these fast-fashion stores:

  1. Have a specific "thing" you are looking for: Usually, when I go shopping in these stores, I am always distracted with all the pretty clothes. So key number one is going in with something in my mind that I am looking for. So go straight and focus.
  2. Find the special piece a match: If you want something more, find a perfect matching piece with your previous picked item. So you don't have to worry you have nothing to match for your outfit.
  3. Look at the mannequin: I know sometimes you may walk in without knowing what you want to buy, so look at the mannequin! Most of the stores dressed the mannequin with the top trend.
  4. Shop with budget: As I said previously, this the the fast-fashion trend, products come and go super fast, so you will wear it for just a couple of months (maybe several times...) and these products are not in the highest quality so you don't want o spend too much money that will not stay too long in the trend. Probably they are out for the next seasons.


I definitely love shopping in these stores and try out new trends products. So clever shopping is important if you want to be pop with your outfit. The key is all about the mixing of low-priced fast-fashion and luxury pieces.

For example, neon color is on the trend in this spring season (maybe will pass on to summer), so I went to Zara to find a statement piece. It is an affordable and pretty decent quality jacket. I paired this with Nike track pants and Nike sneakers and create my trendy sporty look. Throw in a cute Louis Vuitton mini backpack and some pretty accessories to elevate my look. And here forms the right balance between the high and low look.





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