/ diptyque 50th anniversary of L’Eau/

Summer daydreams of in an English rose garden with Diptyque L'Ombre Dans L'e Au Eau de Parfum.

Back in 1983, L'Ombre Dans L' Eau is one of the very first floral and fruity fragrance in the perfume world.

This perfume is made from the Bulgarian rose, blackcurrant leaves, and petitgrain that created the romantic floral scents. In the eau de parfume, the fragrance of rose in bloom is denser and more sensual.

I found this perfume is not intense and is pretty light and delicious. I can feel myself being soaked under the weeping willow. This comfort nature-filled character is wearable for everyone. It is timeless and unique. You will fall in love with it starting from the first second you apply and enjoy the moments of life


Little about Diptyque (from Wikipedia)

Diptyque is from Ancient Greek δίπτυχος (díptykhos, which refers to a painting or sculpture composed of two panels.

Diptyque is a Paris-based luxury goods company that produces a high-end line of scented candles, perfumes, face, and body care. Diptyque is founded in 1961 by a painter Desmond Knox-Leet, set designer Yves Coueslant, and Christiane Gautrot, who was working in an architecture firm. Originally, Diptyque produced printed fabrics and by 1963 they started a line of scented candles which became the focus of their business. In 1968 Diptyque produced their first perfume, L'Eau.


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